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Coloured Lollipop Sticks Birch Wood Craft Lolly Sticks 6 Colours DIY Plant Labels - FREE

  • COLOURED LOLLIPOP STICKS : 6 Colours, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple and Orange, size 114mm x 10mm x 2mm
  • HIGH QUALITY SMOOTH FINISH: Made from vegetable dyed Birch wood, smooth to the touch and finished with super smooth edges.
  • WILL NOT SNAP, SPLINTER OR SPLIT: Durable and child-friendly
  • BIODEGRADABLE and COMPOSTABLE: Eco-friendly lolly sticks, packed in a biodegradable cardboard box
  • VERSATILE and MULTI-USE: Brightly coloured wooden lollipop sticks, suitable for a variety of uses including DIY and crafts, model making, as educational tools, plant labels and for use as a tongue depressor, or for wax removal


Our vegetable dyed Birch wood multi-coloured lolly sticks are super smooth, high quality, biodegradable, compostable and 100% environmentally friendly!

The Birch wood is smooth to the touch and will not snap, split or splinter making these vibrant coloured lollipop sticks suitable for children to use in all sorts of arts and craft projects.

Create photo frames, lolly people and unique, fun decorations!

The large smooth surface makes these coloured lolly sticks great for kids’ crafts. Easy to write on with felt markers, lollipop sticks in 6 beautifully bright colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple and Orange.

These can easily be painted or varnished and decorated with glitter, sequins and fabrics!


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