Brush and Dustpan Set with Soft and Firm Grip Handle. Made of Wood and Steel in Cream Colour

MULTIPURPOSE: This multipurpose wooden dustpan and brush set is an essential accessory for the kitchen, office, home, restaurant, and workshop. It can be used to sweep off the dust, dirt, and garbage indoor or outdoor. It is also useful to collect broken glass pieces. These sweeping accessories complete your sweeping kit. Your house cleaning chores become easy and less time-consuming. Our cleaning brush and dustpan set is a superhero.

  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT: The sweeping brush and dustpan set is uniquely designed to carry and store in small spaces. The hole in the handles allow you to hang this sweeping set discreetly. Its portability makes it stand out among other cleaning tools. Easy cleaning and sweeping with this brush and pan set is essential in households and work places.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN AND COLOUR: This indoor and outdoor cleaning set is designed, with the latest fashion and style demands in mind. It has a unique vintage look cleaning product and is premium quality. Both the wooden brush and rust-free stainless steel dustpan have smooth grip handles. The handles are attached to give extra comfort to your hands and to collect unwanted garbage in one sweep.
  • NATURAL FIBRE BRUSH: The brush is made up of natural micro fibres. These fibres are designed to reach all nooks and crannies in your home. The brush can sweep even the smallest dust or food particles from your carpets or floors. The fibres are smooth and will keep your tiles and wood safe from scratches. They are durable whether you use them outdoors or indoors. The D=dustpan has a wide surface area to gather large dust amounts.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Our brush and dustpan set is totally eco-friendly and can be used anywhere. It does not have any harmful effects on the environment. It can be used for sweeping and cleaning without electricity consumption. It’s the eco-friendly replacement for electric cleaning products and devices.

Product Description:

Dustpan and brushes are commonly used for sweeping up small piles of dust or other small pieces of paper. There are a variety of hand broom sizes to suit any need, whether in a commercial or domestic setting.

Our sweeping brush and dustpan is uniquely designed with handles to give extra comfort to hands and collect all unwanted garbage or paper pieces. Tidy up your floors and carpets with our dustpan and brush set. This is the perfect duo for collecting small food particles, broken glass pieces and unwanted wrappers laying around your home or office.

The hand broom and dustpan set is designed to clean dust in gaps and corners. It’s easier to clean up small messes than to use a dustpan and broom. It can also make an ideal gift for children to train their habit of cleaning their rooms! Our sweeping brush and dustpan set is compact and easy to store.

This cleaning brush and dustpan is designed to keep your room or work space clean so that you can live, work or study in a clean environment, which will increase your productivity.


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